Hmong Products, Accessories & LIVE Sell Policy

❤️NEW CUSTOMERS ❤️ Send us a Facebook Message containing -

  • Your Name
  • Address/Zip Code

🖤 Facebook Post Claims

  • You MUST send us a direct message (DM) or a private message (PM) to express your interest in purchasing. 
  • In other cases, we may like your comment and send you a message.
  • Once we've come to understanding of the item(s) you'd like to purchase and you've provide your zip code for an estimated shipping rate.
  • An invoice will be sent to you with payment methods available.
  • We expect that you make your payment immediately. In other cases, such as FB live sells we will allow up to 24 hours to make your payment.
  • As soon as a payment is made, the sooner we can label and send the tracking information to you. 

🖤 Facebook LIVE Sell

  • Send us a direct message IF you are a NEW customer or you've CHANGED your FB NAME.
  • Please claim responsibly and wisely.
  • Ask questions to avoid any cancellations after Facebook LIVE sells.
  • If you decide to cancel your order/an item during the process of invoicing you will no longer be able to claim in the future and you WILL be blocked.
  • If you’re unable to pay upon your invoice or within 24 hours of invoicing please restrain from claiming.
  • If invoiced and no response is made within 24 hours your order will automatically be cancelled and you will no longer be able to claim.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

    🖤Payment Methods

    • We accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle.
    • We ask you pay as “Friends & Family” or cover the fees for Pay Pal payments made for FB LIVE CLAIMS/POSTS.
    • Merchant fees is covered by us for web purchases for FASHION clothing only. 
    • We accept Square payment (sale tax included).

    🖤Payment Options

    We offer Shop Pay & After Pay to all customers. Once you've provided us your e-mail. We will send an e-mailed invoice and After Pay will be an option to pay and the link will direct you to SIGN UP. The merchant fees will be covered by us. There are two conditions: 

    1. Facebook LIVE purchases MUST be over $100 worth of item(s) to qualify for a payment plan excluding shipping fees.
    2. Sales tax is may apply to all customers other than MN/OR/DE/NH/MT). 

    For more information about After Pay and Shop Pay:

     After Pay:

     Shop Pay:

     🖤Shipping & Handling

    • We're shipping from Vancouver, WA.
    • You are responsible to paying your own shipping fee unless stated otherwise. Shipping rates starts $5 & up. 
    • Most items will be sent based on weight & location.
    • We’re NOT responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged packages once the tracking number has been initiated.
    • Please request for insurance (if needed) for an additional fee.
    • All USPS has a $50-$100 automatic insurance.
    • If you received a damaged package please contact your local USPS or start your missing mail search here:
    • Local PDX or WA customers are welcome for contactless pick up. You MUST pay first and then message us through Facebook Messenger to set up an appointment for pickup within a one week time frame.
    • We do NOT hold items, UNLESS you have an existing pre-order. 


    We do not offer exchanges for Hmong related products.

    🖤Purse/Bag Pre-Orders

    We are open to pre-ordering items we've previously had in stock. A full/half deposit is due upon confirming your pre-order:

    1. Pick the desired fabric.
    2. Select your hardware.
    3. Half/full deposit due immediately.

    We cannot determine when pre-orders will arrive. We can only predict a possible arrival upon the information provided to us from our suppliers. Once preorders arrive, we will:

    1. Take pictures to confirm your order.
    2. Invoice shipping fees.
    3. Mail your package

    If for any reason, you're not satisfied with your pre-order we will refund your full/half deposit. **If we completed your pre-order correctly and you decide to cancel we will not refund the deposit. 

    🖤Human Error

    Please understand the Hmong products overall is hand made. IF you are PICKY please do NOT purchase from us. We will do our best to ensure all packages and products are in the best quality prior to shipping. You have 24 hours to inform us about any defects that were unnoticed or undiscussed during our Facebook LIVE sells/message conversation. If we made an error on our end and we'll correct it. :)