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Flat Kabuki Foundation Brush

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The bristles are soft and smooth in touch, rich and compact, easy to grasp the makeup powder, uniform in makeup. Provides a smoothing affect to your makeup to create a more professional look.

Maintenance/After Care:
• After use, wipe off the excess cosmetic rosiduo with tissue paper along the bristles.
• Selecting a special brush cleaner or use a mild detergent product as baby shampoo.
• After cleaning gently press the bristles with tissue or makeup cotton to allow moisture to drain quickly. Do not twist the bristles, resulting in loose structure or even depilation.
• After moisture control, can hang up makeup brush, let the brush hair down natural air drying, don't use the hair dryer or in the sun blasting, or I will damage the material.
• It is recommended to wash once every hall a month, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria, do not need wash them every day or it will affect the service life.


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